Smart Digital GmbH

Excited for the challenge.

Smart Digital GmbH

Excited for the challenge.

Smart Digital is an innovative consulting and technology company headquartered in Gerlingen near Stuttgart with an additional location in Berlin. Founded in 2011, we specialize in enterprise-wide AI-based services for marketing optimization, business decision-making, and real-time personalization. With our scalable enterprise solutions and a comprehensive team of AI experts, we assist companies in making well-informed business decisions based on AI and Big Data. Our focus is on developing, implementing, and operating tailored, data-driven marketing solutions.

Among our clients is one of the leading European automotive conglomerates, for whom we now operate in over 35 countries. Additionally, we work with renowned providers in the healthcare, pharmaceutical, and insurance sectors.

High level service offerings/capabilities


Enabling customers to bring their customer centric strategy to life.
Experts for 1:1 Personalization at scale across all channels and touchpoints.
Data Science Powerhouse, using the most advance AI algorithms to leverage the value of 1st party data.
Designing algorithmic solutions based on AI to personalize and optimize user experiences in real-time.
Leading Enterprise Decision Platform “Smart Signals”.
Unique service model to scale and manage solutions globally.


Martech Consulting:

Data-Driven Marketing Consulting, Martech Strategies, Analysis of Technological Architectures, Provider Selection

Implementation Service:

Tracking Setup/Data Layer, Tag Management, Web Analytics, Personalization & AB- Testing, Software Development Projects, DMP Rollout.

Data Science Consulting:

Data Strategies, Large Scale Data Analysis, AI based automation, Unified Customer Profile

Enterprise Tag Management:

Data Governance, Tag Integration, Tag Privacy Management

Reporting & Analytics:

Web Analytics Service, KPI Conception and Dashboards, Reporting Systems & Data Visualization, Anomaly Detection

Data Science Service:

Predictive Analytics, Insight Mining, Segmentation, Targeting Affinities, Recommendations Service, Deep Behavior Prediction.

Engagement Service:

Business Planning, Use case planning, Campaign Management, Data-Driven Optimization, Customer Experience Enablement.


Smart Signals CDP, Data Science Workbench, AI Based Real-Time Processing, Incentive Engine.

Who we are

We are a powerhouse team of more than 100 experts in data science, artificial intelligence, MarTech, automation, and digital consulting. Our mission? To curate exceptional user journeys for your end customers, driving unparalleled efficiency and maximizing the return on your marketing activities.

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