Technology Tangents | Code craft: Decoding the AI challenge for CIOs in the corporate realm

Credera is excited to announce the release of our Technology Tangents podcast episode: “Code craft: Decoding the AI challenge for CIOs in the corporate realm.”

In Technology Tangents: Conversations for Leaders in Tech, Credera’s Chief Technology Officer, Jason Goth, and Chief Data Scientist, Vincent Yates, bring leaders together to discuss the modern technologies of today and how organizations should navigate the implications for tomorrow.

The discussions are fun, lighthearted, and frankly opinionated, but hopefully it gives technology leaders a sense of what matters, what to pay attention to, and what to ignore.

This podcast is available on iTunesSpotify, and Anchor FM.

On this episode

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is continuing to evolve at a remarkable pace, revolutionizing industries and transforming how we live, work, and interact with technology. As it continues to advance and push the boundaries of what was once thought possible, how can CIOs effectively navigate the rapidly evolving AI landscape and harness its potential to drive competitive advantage for their organizations?

In the latest episode of our Technology Tangents podcast, Vincent Yates and Jason Goth shed light on the trials and tribulations faced by CIOs in this fast-paced, AI-driven era. They delve into the good and the bad of AI writing code within organizations and explain why savvy CIOs are taking action now.

Listen now.