Credera launches global cross-functional AI council and increases AI investment to lead through paradigm shift

Credera, Omnicom’s global boutique consulting firm, today announces a global artificial intelligence (AI) council to create unique insights to help shape the future landscape of AI across the vast breadth of opportunities and challenges.

This diverse group is comprised of leading professors, C-level executives, and legal scholars including JoAnn Stonier, Chief Data Officer at MasterCard; Trisha Meyer, Professor of Digital Governance at the Brussels School of Governance; Cecilia Dones, Assistant Professor at Columbia University; retired Federal Patent Judge Adam Floyd; and many others.

Credera’s Chief Data Scientist Vincent Yates, whose experience in AI includes time as the Head of Data Science at Uber, Director of Analytics Engineering at Zillow Group, and Chief Data Scientist at GE Digital, founded the group on the belief that AI is shifting the paradigm just as mobile and the internet have before.

“This group of unique backgrounds and training are needed to meet the challenges of this new paradigm and shape the resulting landscape,” says Yates. “This dynamic and talented group will tackle some of the biggest questions around AI ranging from innovation, ethics, regulation, security, talent, and technology.”

The launch of the Global AI Council is a part of Credera’s expansion of its AI solutions to accelerate business and marketing transformation for its clients, and more broadly within Omnicom Group.

Credera’s deep AI consulting offerings and experience leading global clients in automotive, pharmaceutical, financial services, and the public sector enable Omnicom’s powerful, first-mover partnerships with Google, AWS, and Adobe to help clients transform. As with other paradigm shifts in Credera’s multi-decade history like the introduction of the internet and mobile, the consulting firm will continue to help clients find the right solutions to this new fundamental transformation in how organizations function.

“We are committed to continued excellence through AI with our global, boutique approach,” says Credera’s global CEO Justin Bell. “We tailor each solution to the specific client needs while also facing each challenge with the expertise and holistic thinking of a full-service, global consulting firm.”

“AI is only part of the solution; it is the means, not the end,” says Credera’s Chief Technology Officer, Jason Goth. “In fact, there is often more engineering in AI solutions, than AI itself. It is about how you design and integrate the whole system to truly realize the value of this new capability.”

By taking this unique approach, Credera has helped clients like a global pharmaceutical company who shifted to direct-to-consumer marketing powered by AI and realized a 30% increase in return on investment and a 46% increase in efficiency. Credera also led a large national lender to a 219% increase in their profits/earnings ratio by implementing a machine learning-driven platform to scale their business.

Additional commitments to AI transformation include Credera’s investments to train and upskill its global boutique workforce in AI, making it the core foundation of its consulting practices and offerings. Credera’s rapidly expanding AI capabilities will meet client demand for AI expertise as industries transform.

Thought leadership, methodologies, and other guidance about the rapidly transforming AI landscape can be found on Credera’s website.