Technically Minded | Generative horizons: How Generative AI is transforming marketing


Credera is excited to announce the release of our latest podcast: ‘Generative horizons: How Generative AI is transforming marketing’.

This podcast, which is available on iTunesSpotifyGoogle, and Anchor FM, brings together some of the brightest sparks in technology and transformation consulting to wax lyrical on current trends and challenges facing organizations today.

On This Episode

From redefining customer experiences, to revolutionising content creation, AI’s ripples are being felt across all disciplines. In a world where technology and creativity are beginning to converge, what does this mean for the future of marketing as we see it now?

In this episode of our Technically Minded podcast, our group of MarTech experts take a deep dive into the impact of AI on the marketing function, examining how it will affect our strategies and interactions both now and in the future. Listen now.